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Another video created in my limited studio space with magnificent guitarist John Morgan. “Mountain Dance” is a venture into Appalachian music styles. The song is composed and performed by John.

Ran across this on twitter thank to @Gizmodo. Some very fascinating stuff.

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" I Have Loved You" written and performed by John Morgan based on Jeremiah 31:3. My first attempt at a music video. Camera operation, capture, lighting, audio and editing all done by me.

Probably one of the COOLEST videos I have seen about the process of Civil War time tintype photography and processing. Check it out. You will not be disappointed. 


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This is pretty funny. Maybe that’s what’s the new big thing from Apple.

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Is your small group shallow???? This is probably the funniest small groups (Bible study) video I have ever seen. THIS IS SATIRE just to be clear. Enjoy.

Special thanks to BlueFishTV for permission to use their script.

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